Submission for the BeansJam 2022 (Theme: We need to stay awake)

Please download and play the Desktop Version available below. It is the same as the Browser Version but with working Gamepad Controls. 😊

Start = Keyboard Enter or Space (Gamepad Start)
Mindy = Keyboard A (Gamepad A)
Bryan = Keyboard D (Gamepad B)

Mindy & Bryan get lost in the Woods. As night falls, the infamous Witch of Slumberville sends out her Ghosts to grab them as soon as they fall asleep. „We have to keep each other awake, until the sun rises!" „Yeah, or we‘re Witch-Food!“

Added Desktop Version, since Gamepad Controls aren't supported in WebGL Builds.

Killed Darlings:
- Sophisticated Gameplay! 😂 There was supposed to be a Reaction Bar, which when you hit it in the center, there were 3 different Events triggered with Animations and Text Bubbles of Mindy & Bryan keeping each other awake by telling Jokes, dancing or playing Guitar, which gained you an Awake Boost. Sleepiness was supposed to be balanced tougher according to that mechanic.

What came out is a simple Button Masher Minigame. Not at all sophisticated, but it works. And this being my first time coding something in Unity/C#, I learned so so much doing this and i'm quite happy with the result. 😊

More Killed Darlings:
- Seperate Sprite States for Mindy & Bryan.
- Seperate Sprites for the Ghosts, moving up and down and
closing in on the Kids the higher their Sleepiness is (+ spooky Sound Effect).
- Showing the Witch looming above the Trees in Game. Full Sprite in the Game Over Screen.
- Night to Day Background Animation (4 States).
- Having the Clock pixelated as well. It was, until i needed to scale everything up of course.
- Intro Screens with Story + ingame Dialogue between Mindy & Bryan.

Art, Sound, Code: weilo
Fonts: Komika Title Paint, Lithos Pro, Gabriola


v3 - Submitted Version (broken) 8 MB
The Witch of Slumberville [Play this! :D] 27 MB

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